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 The Site Rules. (Must Read!)

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PostSubject: The Site Rules. (Must Read!)   Fri Jun 21, 2013 9:12 pm

1. Treat everyone like how you want to be treated. There will be no bullying of any kind on this site. If someone says you are then we will ban you from the site, do not let this happen! Be nice and polite. The main rule is always this one!

2. G-mod. God-modding will not be allowed on this site! Everyone has to play it fair and this is serious! Anyone who is god-modding will face problems, lets not be better than everyone. We need to play it fair, no one is perfect! Do you get me? XD

3. Role-playing. There is no limit in to what you can type. No limits as of right now, though a few of us like to type in paragraphs and that is fine! Please keep the out of character and in character seperated!

4. This site is indeed rated M. Gore, rape, and everything else happens in the feudal era! We have seen the show and it shows a lot of it, mainly gore though. Curse words are also heard within the show and so they are allowed here. Just do not go over-board with it.

5. Everyone is allowed two characters, this will come to change into three but that is only when more people start signing up.

6. No kind of slurs of any kind will be tolerated on here! Name-calling is one of them!

7. Do not go and kill a character off! Killing has been known to happen but it will not be allowed unless you get permission. If you get the okay then it is allowed and the one who loses their character to death can make a new one!

8. Importantly, have fun! More rules will apply! XD


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The Site Rules. (Must Read!)
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