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PostSubject: DRAGON, ranmaru    DRAGON, ranmaru  EmptyTue Jun 25, 2013 10:03 am

DRAGON, ranmaru  Koujak11


NAME. Ranmaru
NICKNAME. Aka no Ryu [Red dragon / Dragon of the Red]
AGE. Over 1000 years old, but has the looks of a 23 year old man most of the time.
RACE. Dragon.
TIMELINE. Feudal Era.
STATUS. Currently Single.
SEXUAL ORIENTATION. Demisexual Panromantic. [He is attracted to joyful behavior.]
SKILLED | UNSKILLED. Not really good.

PERSONALITY. Ranmaru is a very bright individual when it comes to interaction. His actions and speech all have a very light and airy feeling to them. He's extremely positive in every situation and very laid back. He's also pretty lazy on non-urgent things. Depending on the mood, he is actually easy to rely on and will gladly sit down and listen to another's problem, regardless of finding a solution or not. Ranmaru is overly protective of those who are important to him, to a point he might become a nuisance. Towards enemies, he's not as merciless as he might seem to be. He tends to have a right judgement on how it is fitted to oppose his opponent, always being careful on the death subject. As for romance, he's quite the flirt most of the time, both towards females and males alike. If he finds their personality attractive, he doesn't care much about the outside. Although flirting is pretty much the only thing he's a pro at. Any further interaction will probably end up being awkward from his part.
[+] anything warm
[+] red
[+] humans
[+] the sound of the flute
[+] lying down on the grass
[+] spicy food
[+] black hair
[+] sake
[+] light flirting
[-] getting his clothes wet
[-] arrogant behavior
[-] selfish people
[-] misunderstandings
[-] serious work
[-] others telling him what to do
He fears the thought of being left alone.
He also can't stand being restricted.

[~] fire manipulation
[~] dragon transformation
[~] massaging
[~] handling the katana
ARMOR. No armor.
WEAPON. Long Katana
APPEARANCE. It is a typical long katana with a sharp blade and a black leather handle. He usually carried it on his back. The sheath is attacked to a red leather strap.
HISTORY. The sword was given to him by a kind old man who used it when he was younger. Ranmaru traveled along with him and offered him protection on the old man's journey to find his lost daughter out of kindness. When the journey turned out too be a success, the old man offered him the sword as a gift of gratitude and the dragon of course accepted it gladly.


HAIR. Black. Long on the back and caught into a low ponytail, with a long strand over his right eye.

EYES. Red.

BODY. Lightly tanned skin. Muscled. Scars all over his body. A tribal tattoo over his right shoulder and side, and a colored flower tattoo over the left side of his back.

HEIGHT. 180 cm.

WEIGHT. 70 kg.

ATTIRE. Reference 1 - Reference 2 - Reference 3 His attire is quite complex, with the main clothing being a red, loose kimono with flower patterns at the end of the sleeves and the end of the kimono itself. Under it he wears a pair of trousers, bound with bandages that go down to his fabric sandals. He also wears open gloves and bead bracelets on both hands. Around his neck, there's a tight, wide, black necklace with a small, red charm hanging off of it. This is his most casual attire. He generally enjoys wearing kimonos and accessories and doesn't find them too troublesome as others might.


HOMETOWN. Unknown.

BIRTHDAY. Unknown.



HISTORY. He doesn't remember much about his past. He only vaguely remembers being born as a small dragon from a bonfire in a very dark night, with a group of people praying for the distraction of their enemies. After that, he has a blank spot in his memory. He remembers his more recent years though, traveling from place to place, hiding away his true identity and disguising as a human to blend in. He helped humans in various tasks and got to see what life is through their actions. A notable encounter was one with a demon rather than a human. The demon was a very weak little bird, who couldn't even transform into a human, with a dreadfully ignorant behavior. His name was Kira. He sought out help, for he was being chased by an angry Oni who had had his charm stolen by the bird. Ranmaru agreed to help him, only because he bored out of his mind and he wasn't an Oni lover either. From that day on, Kira has been hanging around the dragon mot of the time.

He doesn't really have a certain purpose in his life for now. He just enjoys traveling and meeting new people, preferably humans.

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PostSubject: Re: DRAGON, ranmaru    DRAGON, ranmaru  EmptyTue Jun 25, 2013 1:30 pm


DRAGON, ranmaru  Dylas-3
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DRAGON, ranmaru
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