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PostSubject: Entrance   Entrance EmptyFri Jun 28, 2013 12:33 am

Entrance/ Appearance

Entrance MTS_battousan-973761-Hime_Screenshot-225

This is what Dasa's House looks like or what it is similar in appearance, everything about his house is so similar to this picture though it is kind of different and will be explained. It is very traditional house with plenty of space for his brother's as well as Ayameko. However, this house appears to be cramped and his house is not cramped and the pound like garden is just down a hill from his house. Dasa has a lot of land and his house sits in the center of his land with the barriers all the way around it with a lot of space. The space is needed for plenty of things, just mainly for his brother's to train or do whatever it is outside.

Dasa's house is very fancy or it appears that way due to the walls all the around it, the house appears to be smaller in this picture but actually it is a bit bigger and holds more space for the lobby which is a royal room with a picture of a dragon on the center of the large wall inside. Everything about the lobby holds a comforting glow with its candles glowing evenly, cushions are laid out around the table which is able to hold a little over 5 people. Inside the house everything is traditional and it holds a lot of things, the back building behind the home holds all kinds of supplies such as blankets, pillows, extra candles, and so many more stuff just in case something were to happen.

All I can tell you about this house is it is very traditional and some what of a high class or it appears that way to some people, use your imagination and picture this house with a ton more space with a long flowing porch all the way around the house.  
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