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PostSubject: Kaname Diamond   Kaname Diamond EmptySat Jun 29, 2013 6:36 pm

Kaname Diamond Tumblr_lz3rusx8ZX1r2hymoo1_500
Name: Kaname Diamond
Nicknames: N/A
Gender: Male
Race: Demonic Unicorn of Blue flames.
Age: 500+
Height: 6'3
Weight: 154 pounds.
Timeline: Feudal Era
Status: Single
Sexual Interest: Kaname is not picky and will love just about anyone who will love him back.
Skilled/ Unskilled: Slightly skilled though it is safe to say in between 50%/50%
Personality: A carefree individual who would rather go fishing or walking around with his fishing rod over his shoulder. A guy like Kaname is considered the bad boy kind of type though he is nice and sort of caring. Scrath that! Kaname is indeed a caring guy and won't be provoked easily unless a wound was to show up anywhere on his body. A lazy but happy demon does he like fishing and watching the days go by slowly but yet relaxingly. Kaname likes talking to people and sometimes he chooses to sleep rather than talk all of the time. Sleeping is his normal routine when he waits for a fish to take the bait on his fishing rod. Kaname appears to be tough but he is nice and a bit of a wild card for he likes to adventure and try new things!
Talents: Expert Fishermen, Expert Outdoors cooker, and a skilled farmer which it comes to carrots.
Likes: Apples, cooked fish, carrots, fishing, sleeping, and bathing.
Dislikes: Tofu, raw fish, and garlic.
Fears: Dying alone and or facing a demon who is stronger than he is.
Attire: The clothes on him are rather weird and or different, some believe that he is a traveler or a foreigner from far away over seas. Kaname likes to wear kimono's but sometimes he will wear the clothes that he is wearing already almost everyday. This tough guy or looks to be tough guy likes clothes of all kinds and will wear just about anything that you hand him.
Weapon: Slender short sword of four feet long.
Armor or Nonarmor: None. He sees no need for it.
Holders: Kaname keeps his weapon in his traveling bag.
History: This weapon was bought for a small fee at a normal shop and well Kaname felt that he needed something to gut fish with to even defending himself with and so he bought it just in case. However, he has this weapon does not mean he will use it everytime. Always been known to flee from a strong opponent does he never take his chances in facing strong demons and would rather go fishing than fight them. This however doesn't mean he can't fight, Kaname can fight and has been known to have a pretty bad temper when it comes to people calling him bad names.
Hometown: Kaname claims that he comes from the mountains on the other side of the seas.
Birthday: June 8th
Guardians: None
Siblings: None
History: Demonic was his middle name, his appearance appeared to be evil and or wicked. Many people fled away from this horse with blue flames and red eyes. The people did not know what to call this beast and so they called him 'Diamond Stallion.' Many farmers feared this horse for when he ran he made the ground shake and his body was a good three times bigger than normal horses. Some people feared him so much that they left their homes, whenever they did this however confused the horse. Kaname was in his true form and was trying to get the people to understand him and his size, however he scared them away. Deep down he felt guilty but at the same time he shrugged and called them paranoid. At the first chance he got did he ride a boat over seas to Japan and now is he trying to start his life over and hopefully he won't scare the people away like last time from where he came from. To keep from scaring the people off though did he decide to stay in his human appearance and just hang out around areas with water and decided to fish to his content. Kaname likes to fish and hopes that people won't think of him as bad as the last people did from over seas. Right now, he is settling in and is now trying to make a new life for himself but fears that everyone will be scared of him and flee.

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Kaname Diamond
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