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PostSubject: Xenova, Kail   Xenova, Kail EmptySat Jun 29, 2013 7:05 pm

Xenova, Kail Tumblr_mlo564Y92J1qggcr5o1_500

Name: Kail Xenova
Gender: Male
Race: Egyptian Kitsune.
Age: 25 {350}
Height: 6'9
Weight: 200 pounds
Timeline: Feudal Era

Status: Single
Sexual Interest: Kail is shy to admit it but he is Bisexual.
Skilled/ Unskilled: Unskilled, Kail has no idea what he should do to please anyone. Kail is ashamed of himself.

Personality: Very silent and shy, he is normally a guy who keeps to himself as he paints views that he has seen. Mature and kind of distant he is afraid to meet someone at first but then he grows on them and would like to know more about them. Normally, he paints and or draws his ideas and so it is hard to keep his attention on you. Kail adores kids as well as his friends and sometimes he can act so weak that many people think him to be just a artist and not a demon. People are then amazed in how strong he is for he is able to lift up a boulder and throw it whenever he needs too.
Talents: Painting/ Drawing, Belly dancing, and cooking simple soups.
Likes: Painting, Drawing, Laying under the shade and watching the stars in the sky.
Dislikes: Loud noises, seeing someone fight and then getting hurt, and not being able to please anyone or he thinks that way.
Fears: Other demons mainly dog demons.
Attire: Egyptian wear is his only clothes that he will be seen wearing which thus then make him stick out in a crowd. Never has he even tried on a kimono or even try to understand how it works. Kail will only wear clothes he is comfortable in and that is his egyptain attire.

Weapon: Emerald Fan
Armor or Nonarmor: Only has arm guards on his arms and that is it.
Holders: None, though sticks it in his belt.
History: Kail got this fan from a friend and thus cherishes it. The friend of his has moved on in life, thus meaning he has passed away and this is why he loves the fan so much. It doesn't weigh much as a normal fan but it is made out of iron and he has been known to use it to hit someone on the head to get their attention though he doesn't hit them with it so hard.

Hometown: Egypt.
Birthday: April 18th
Guardians:  Deceased
Siblings: Kail sees any kind of kid as his siblings since he loves them so much.
History: Kail is indeed a traveler, being brought up in Egypt and painting and drawing for the wealthy did he make a alright living. Learning to belly dance was shameful of Kail since he doesn't like to look weird and or funny infront of people, but he heard people like the dance routine and thus tried to learn it in hopes of making extra money for his journey to new places. Kail came to Japan for he had heard that the views were stunning and he could not resist. Only here for a short time, Kail is drawing and painting everything he sees that should be remembered. However, if someone were to ask him to stay then he just might. Though, we are not certain on when he will leave for he is here to see the views at that is all.

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Xenova, Kail
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