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 Isoya, Akari.

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Akari Isoya

Akari Isoya

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Isoya, Akari.  Empty
PostSubject: Isoya, Akari.    Isoya, Akari.  EmptySat Jun 29, 2013 9:38 pm

Isoya, Akari.  633513-mizoreshirayuki_large
Name: Akari Isoya
Nicknames: None. Though, if anyone wants to give her one they can.
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 15
Height: 5'5
Weight: 117 pounds.
Timeline: Present, Grade: 9th
Status: Single
Sexual Interest: Heterosexual. Is easy to make blush. Holding hands, hugging, etc.
Skilled/ Unskilled: Unskilled, Akari is a virgin but mentioning something close contact related has been known to make her blush.
Personality: Akari Isoya is a shy girl who has a sweet and happy personality. She is easy to make laugh almost all of the time and she is generous and giving. Looking out for others rather than her ownself make some people like her while others try to use her for their own gain. This happens all of the time which makes Akari shy and hide away from everyone she meets for she fears of being used again. Though, if you prove yourself to her and try to be there for her will she show a very cute side as well as a side of her to where she wants to go outside and have a adventure. Though, she likes to hike all of the time. Akari is easy to scare and she has been known to cling to someone when she is deathly afraid of someone. Though, she is easy to make happy or scared is it also known that she is easy to make cry and this only happens around storms to even hearing her friends speak bad about her. Other than that, she is a happy go lucky girl who likes to draw and cook as well as being able to help out her friends at any given time.
Talents: Cooking, Drawing, Some what playing the flute and just tries to make her own songs, and has been known to be good at climbing and or hiding. She considers the hiding as a talent.
Likes: Cooking, Drawing, Hanging out with friends, Candy, Reading, and Hiking.
Dislikes: Bullies, those who try to use her, Mice, Mean people who try to hurt her. Getting sick, which this at times happens alot.
Fears: Storms in general to animals that try to attack her or hurt her.
Attire: Akari likes to wear tops that shows her shoulders as well as her sleeveless top, she isn't afraid to show off any skin and has also been known to where long sleeve shirts over her sleeveless ones which of course are stripped. Skirts of any kind will be seen on her as well as stripped socks and normal slip on shoes which are quite comfortable for her. Sure, her clothes look to be to revealing but this makes it easier for her to move around in. If Akari were to wear a kimono would it then be short with the sleeves short as well. Her traditional wear is the wear with the long sleeve shirt over the sleeveless one with a skirt and long stripped socks. More about her simple clothes will be explained later on.~
Weapon: None.
Armor or Nonarmor: None.
Holders: None.
History: N/A
Akari does not believe in fighting and thus carries no weapons though she may have to later on.
Hometown: Tokyo, Japan. Present.
Birthday: October 2nd
Guardians:  Shino Isoya (Mother) Kyo Isoya (Father)
Siblings: None.
History: Akari Isoya lived with her mother and father for the longest time, a normal family of three within Tokyo Japan. Kyo was a man who worked in a company which put together computers while her mother stayed home to take care of her only daughter. The first year that Akari went to Elementary school, it was hard and it made her nervous. To many people, so many new things to get use too. It was hard for Akari to adapt, though she tried her best. Reading was her best subject while math was not, she tried her best to make her scores go up and each one went up instead of math. Akari decided to give up on math but her mother pushed her on and cheered for her daughter when the exams came up. Believe it or not, Akari passed Elementary and went on to High school which was all but new to her again. During the vacation before school starts back did Akari get sick, she caught the shivers really bad and could not stand due to it being hard for her to cope. Both of her parents didn't know what to make of this illness but they were there to support her. The doctors spoke of Akari not getting enough food in her body as well as fluids, this concerned her parents as they tried to make her eat more. It was hard too, she liked to give her food to others at school rather than eating food for herself. Her parents tried to make her eat food at home but the same thing happened for she gave her food to her mother and father. They feared for their daughter, she was making a choice to not eat. During the days did they try and make her eat, she still would not.

School started and Akari went to school as a freshman, all the teenagers in higher classes made fun of her and her short height. Akari becoming sad went to her next class which was a music class, she took that class well and learned how to play the flute which she was decent at. Akari bought a flute over the weekend for it made her happy. As the weekend went on slowly did she discover a old hut behind her parents house and learned that it was a shrine that was there when they moved it sometime ago. Akari being curious entered this shrine and thus was transported here, she can't help but enter this hut. She was seeing so many new things and didn't care if she was missing school because of it since everyone was mean to her. She eats but not enough to keep her sustained for long. Akari is happy discovering a new places, however she grew scared the more days she came and so now she hides everytime she enters this world which is so old fashioned but yet holds every kind of new dangers that she isn't use too.
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Isoya, Akari.
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