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PostSubject: Mino sata   Mino sata EmptyThu Nov 21, 2013 11:51 pm

Mino sata Z362
Name:Mino sata
Nicknames:black demons
Age:looks 21, real age about 2000
Height:6 foot 6
Timeline:Feudal Era

Status: single
Sexual Interest:straight
Skilled/ Unskilled:between good and bad

Personality: Mino sata is a demon that spend most of his time in a run down castle he like apples but he prefer humans but he never eat any in years, he gave up on eating humans after he fell inlove with one and she was murdered her last breath was dont eat humans so he fallowed her last words with him for years Mino fell to love other things humans like such as flowers
Talents: hiding his demon scent froms others to prolong his time on earth
Dislikes:eating humans
Fears: that his time is about to come to an end
Attire:a long jacket, pants, shoes

Weapon:his claws
Armor or Nonarmor:just a regalur jacket

Hometown:somewhere in Northern Lands
Birthday:fall 30
History:Mino was born in a castle and live there he had servants and slaves that he grew up around after years of slave work he left to find more slaves then he saw a human girl he tried to get that girl to be his slave but instead of making her a slave he fell in love from there he released his slaves and promised the human girl he would never eat humans again from that point he started to see he was loosing strength and dieing he never told his love that he was loosing strength and soon later a war broke out and his lover was killed in the war after he wipe them all out his lover told him to never eat humans since then he lives his life in a run down castle his life slowly draining away he knows he wont live in the world for long and he knows he will leave this world and forever be gone.
Other: (Forgot to add something? Place it here.)
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Mino sata
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