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PostSubject: Kira   Kira EmptyMon Dec 09, 2013 7:18 pm

Kira Ignis
Name: Kira
Nicknames: (None)
Gender: Female
Race: Kitsune (Fox demon)
Age: 210/18
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 138 lbs.
Timeline: Feudal Era

Status: Single
Sexual Interest: Heterosexual
Skilled/ Unskilled: Unskilled (Virgin)

Personality: Kira is a very forward woman, not afraid to speak her mind and be honest about how she feels. Her temper flares on and off, it's very difficult to tell what could set her off or what she won't take offense to. She lives up to her kitsune blood and loves to pull tricks and fool others, her sense of humor is quite twisted as well. Though she puts on a tough and playful front, she carries much emotional baggage. Her past is very fuzzy to her, her childhood a blur that she can't really piece together. All she recalls in fighting, and it is what she does best. Her style is very wild though there is some form of method to her madness. Though her loyalties are few and far between they are stronger then any steel, Kira is a loyal woman to whatever is in question: her position, her small yet close circle of friends, and anyone she takes a liking to. How do you know she likes you? She plays many more tricks on you, it's only her way of getting you to laugh and smile but it's commonly misread to be cruel. She means well...she just has no social skills.
Talents: Combat, wood carving
Likes: Combat, training, trickery, fire, shiny things
Dislikes: Her injury, discussing her past, the rich, being out of the work she loved, her current job
Fears: Death
Attire: Kira hates being bogged down with much, she wears simple clothing that only serves as warmth in the cold and some protection form the elements. It's nothing special, just a simple white kimono, no patterns, no different fabrics. To the point just like the person inside the fabric.

Weapon: Kuro (black sword)
Armor or Nonarmor: No armor
Holders: Holster at her hip
History: Originally a massive scythe, Kuro was reforged when Kira took massive damage to her shoulder and could no longer hold the giant blade. Taking the metal, it was reshaped into a blade that she could handle with ease. The original weapon was passed to her by her "father" and she wielded it for many years prior to the night that she oculd no longer hold what was left of him.

Hometown: Small village in the northern mountains (nameless)
Birthday: May 20th
Guardians:  None (Foster father - deceased)
Siblings: None
History: There was nothing special about the little fox, was that why she was left for dead? Not even hours old and she had been placed in the roots of a burnt tree at the very bottom of the mountain, and there she spent the first few hours of her life. Her cries brought many demon from the shadows, intent on eating the little lady where she lay and silence her cries. The first one to fall was on the left of the four, then the two in the center of their unorthodox and sloppy formation fell into each other as their torsos fell from their legs. The last tried to make a tactical retreat but soon it's head toppled into the rocks and it's body fell after it. The stranger placed the massive scythe at his back, and turned to look at the ogre's prey. The cloaked figure picked her up, drying the blood from her now dead hunters from her face.
"You are safe now."
The child calmed in his touch, she had spirit he could see. It is said that in the strongest moment of weakness, when things are their most grim, we find something to keep us alive. That something to her was this stranger, this stranger who admired the strength he could see in her, this stranger who gave her a name that would strengthen that spirit. She was no longer nameless, she was Kira.
As she aged her new father taught her many things, though it was by no means easy, and even at such a young age she knew it wouldn't be. She didn't want it to be easy. He always told her she would be powerful, and she wanted to show herself she could live up to that expectation. The many years past, and her human father grew older. It was painful knowing she would out live him on such a significant scale, but at the same time she knew it was inevitable. Humans were different from yokai like her, and she knew one day, one day in the unknown future, he would die. He knew that as well, he did not fear it, all he could see was how his daughter was growing. And in his dying hour that was all he could think, his pride overwhelmed him as he gave her the single weapon that would carve such a very large part into her life. The final words he spoke before she left to find her own path would forever ring in her ears: "Go where you are needed Kira."
White, it seemed so insignificant, a simple color that could be seen everywhere. She never knew it would become part of something so much bigger. At the human age of 15, Kira became a very prominent assassin for the secretive Guild, a place she thrived and grew. After quite a few months of training she was sent to the West on her very first mission. It was a simple mission but she would take it, all her training was screaming to be used. And it was here that her life began to change. White, it was part of him, he was crowned with it and he wore it predominantly. He ruled these lands, like his father before him. He was powerful, frightfully cold, and longed for much greater power that was at present beyond his grasp.
And his name was Lord Sesshomaru.
Strange events strung her and Sesshomaru together, many a time she would find herself resting is his spacious palace grounds, wounded and exhausted. He was annoyed, yet it seemed also intrigued as one night he approached offering her to stay. He passed as he did not want his plants dying from her tainted blood and while this angered her she would not sneer at free room and board for the night.
But one night became two, then a week, then before either of them knew Kira had a permanent place in this palace. The time she spent there was a very mixed bag, times were wonderful with the small human child named Rin, but others infuriating and very confusing with the Lord of the West. Their relationship seemed to be very clouded, he claimed her an ally even friend, but that was a very inaccurate way of placing it. There was something else about him she could not understand. He seemed almost...lonesome, and withdrawn to himself.
Over time she thought she would break this wall, he seemed to be opening to her, it was a slow progression but progress was good.
In time, Kira even grew to love Sesshomaru. But things were not to be that simple, it never would be.
She would be gone for nearly a year, a mission so dangerous Sesshomaru seethed she would be going. The two still did not understand this strangeness between them, or rather refused to address it. She left, and things seemed to be going to regulation for many a month. Kira gathered much information, she applied it, and came so close to her goal...but that goal would never be breached. In a single stroke of her enemy's sword she watched as her arm rolled along the wet ground...her not along with it. The shock overwhelmed her, it even canceled out her pain. The demon shattered her weapon, in every shard she could see reflected her father's spirit, and as they fell he was gone.
The guild dismissed her, and returning home seemed the only option. Her eyes were cold, lifeless, scaring Rin near death as she took in the injury, her dear friend's face, and how she simply walked past Lord Sesshomaru without a word.
The only thing left of her the very next morning, was a scrap of paper that read: "I am sorry."
Time passed, and soon Kira seemed to recover bits of her old self. She tricked and trained again with the new weapon that her many friends employed still at the Guild had reformed into a katana. But still the sadness lingers, the ever present twinge of losing what she loved to do and the people she loved the most. In her sleep she sees him, and she cries nearly every night. Though she missed them all so much, she could never show her face to them again. Her pride, her damned pride would not allow it. So for now she wanders the lands, avoiding the West as much as she can. Avoiding Sesshomaru, avoiding the past. Though she sleeps in the wild every night, she sometimes drifts back to when her arm was still there, and when she could play with Rin and Jaken and Ah-Un. When she could see him everyday... But that time has past...
The future is unknown, and she must go where she is needed.
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PostSubject: Re: Kira   Kira EmptyFri Jan 31, 2014 7:58 pm

Completion (finally) bump
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